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I help sales professionals navigate an ever-changing business environment so that they can close more deals more consistently. I work best with clients who are struggling and failing to meet their sales targets.


I help sales professionals close more deals more consistently.


I’ve been a sales effectiveness consultant since 1998. In that time:

As a outsourced sales manager I’ve led six sales teams
As a keynote speaker and trainer I have presented at 1200+ conferences locally and internationally.
As a business writer, I’ve penned six books and 1000+ articles


If you want to close more deals more consistently
If you’re a sales leader and you’re struggling to inspire your team to reach its sales targets
If you’re looking for an outsourced sales manager to set up proper sales systems and lead your team
If you need a keynote speaker for your sales kick-offs, annual sales meetings and conferences

Sales workshops
Keynote speaking
Sales kick-offs
Sales conferences
Sales leadership
Social selling
Direct marketing sales letters
Phone number
+27 82 9063693
PO Box 4312 Rivonia 2128
South Africa
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Funny - Motivator - Storyteller
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Testimonials from the audience
Thank you all. The presentations where well thought out and delivered. You can all give yourselves a pat on the back.
6 months ago at "Carve Your Mark"
I had a great experience and I took away valuable information that will assist me in becoming a more eloquent speaker and to make a sale , thank you . The Leadership talk about the value of living life to the fullest was heart felt
9 months ago at "Fractured Monk - Massmart"
Thank you so much for your talk and time with us, it was really awesome! Continue inspiring others with your skills.
9 months ago at "Fractured Monk - Massmart"
You are a brilliant speaker. Motivational and life changing. Thank you very much.
9 months ago at "Fractured Monk - Massmart"
Hi, thank you for reigniting my inspirational flame that was within me, I found that the different and unconventional angle you addressed topics was on my level and I could see them in a new and different light, many thanks.
1 year ago at "Key Account Management"
Hi Jacques,

Thank you for your time.

I found the talk inspirational and key to our industry.
Some people are pretty good at what they do while the rest of us are still learning and perfecting our skills and appriciate the guidance.

Thanks again.
3 months ago at "Do Work That Makes You Proud"
Well done, Jacques. Hope you are feeling better.
4 months ago at "Social Media: Myths, Mayhem and Methodology"
Hi ..really enjoyed the seminar
4 months ago at "Social Media: Myths, Mayhem and Methodology"
I thought Jaques really knew his subject matter.
one would think that he was an Internet expert instead of Motivational Speaker.

He just has his finger on the pulse of cyber marketing.
I learnt quite a bit from his lecture.

I can definitely endorse his skills
5 months ago at "Search Engine Optimisation"