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I appreciated the video examples a lot. Your extensive expertise clearly resonates in your lecture through actual business cases.
1 year ago at "Mobile Marketing"
I am privileged to be a student of a generous, knowledgeable and experienced Digital Marketing authority. Through sharing your wide and deep knowledge on DM, we are now armed with the right strategies, tools and mindset. We will not bring "piss to a s**t fight" as Erlich Bachman would say. Thank you, Mr. Rick.
1 year ago at "Mobile Marketing"
I recognize Mr. Rick Quizon as an effective speaker... He engaged with the students, made it more interactive rather than presenting an all-out lecture.

I highly appreciate the fact that the intro class was broken down to pieces that made it more manageable, especially to a non-techie like myself.

I'm hoping for more visuals, as I'm highly visual (or I like to think that I am). ;) And more examples from the local industry would be great.

Looking forward to more classes with Mr. Quizon.
2 months ago at "Introduction to Digital Marketing"
I learned a lot just from the introduction! Can't wait for the next weeks :D
2 months ago at "Introduction to Digital Marketing"
The Best!
2 months ago at "Mobile Marketing"
Very informative and useful. I like to learn more.
2 months ago at "Mobile Marketing"