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Collect ratings, testimonials, email addresses and much more - with a single link

Get feedback in 3 simple steps:
(1) First, you give us a simple title and a date. (2) Then, we give you a feedback link to share with your audience. (3) Finally, the audience rates your talk
That's it.
And then we show their feedback on a pretty page like this:
I want a page like that!
So little work - so much output
If you simply enter date/title and share the link, you will get this back:


The SpeakerScore
A calculated standard score for each talk

Live feed
See all incoming feedback in a single feed

Speaking personality, score distribution, devices used and more

Email contacts
Collect email addresses so you can stay in touch

Collect audience comments and use them as testimonials

Let audience post photos from the talk
See what else, you can do!
What's your speaking personality?

Based on audience feedback, we calculate your speaking personality. A good salesperson e.g. should score high on Expert and Motivator, whereas a motivational speaker should score higher on Motivator, Teacher and Storyteller.
Find your speaking personality
The speaking personality is updated automatically every time you use the SpeakerScore form.
Improve feedback rates - swap slides for feedback


Upload your slides and let the audience download them, right after they submit their feedback. It's a great way to both maximize feedback rates and easily distribute those slides.
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Works with zipped files, product sheets, whitepapers, e-books and any other kind of file.
Two LIVE widgets for your blog or website!
Show a map of all of your talks or a list of selected testimonials from your audience.
Get feedback and grab a widget!
The widgets are updated automatically, when you add new talk or mark a comment as "testimonial".
I always open my pitch, by referring to my SpeakerScore
Ole is a public speaker from Denmark. With an average SpeakerScore of 85 from more than 120 talks, Ole has built a track record that helps him secure more speaking jobs.
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Because the SpeakerScore is a standard, it's possible for Ole to calculate his personal average score and track his improvement.

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