Lori (Marie) Webb
International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneurial, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

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International Speaker, Author and Trainer. Specializing in Presentation Technique, Entrepreneurship, Social Tech, Branding & Design.
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+45 81938482
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Funny - Expert - Motivator - Storyteller
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Testimonials from the audience
Hi Lori. Thank you so much for the motivation. I hope we can stay in touch
1 year ago at "Why Entrepreneurship?"
Very inspiring talk!! Thanks a lot!
1 year ago at "A Perfect Pitch"
Lori was a great speaker - humorous, intelligible, very good at bringing her point across and answering questions.
2 months ago at "Speak Emoji "
I think the talk was really good and gave a lot of interesting thought for one to look further into :)
2 months ago at "Speak Emoji "
Really interesting information about emojis.
2 months ago at "Speak Emoji "
2 months ago at "Communication on the Fly: Facebook Live Lab Beginner Tutorial "
It's no secret that Lori inspired me a lot. She is a gifted speaker with the true sense of capturing her audience. She underlined her bulletpoints in a way that made it theoretical as well as entertaining. Besides that, it's always nice to get useful tools, in this case the Social Media Canvas. Actually, I can't say anything critical about Lori's event. I enjoyed it and it was definitely one of my top-points of SMW.
4 months ago at "Improve Your Event with Social Media #smwcph2015"