Boost your feedback rate with this mobile friendly tool.
With only a few clicks, this (free) tool gives you smart audience feedback on your public speaking performance

It works like this:
Speakerscore is packed with the features you need:
It helps you get leads and followers
SpeakerScore connects with MailChimp, allowing you to automatically add opt in emails from the audience to your newsletter.
It lets you offer content and sales material
You can even add slides, e-books or whitepapers for download, to encourage your audience to share their contact details.
It collects testimonials for you
Prompts each user to share a comment or testimonial. Comments you want others to see can be shared on your website, using a live widget.
It makes collaboration easy
SpeakerScore lets you add colleagues, clients or speaker mentors directly to each talk, allowing them to see what you see and get up to speed with the latest results.

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I always open my pitch, by referring to my SpeakerScore
Ole is a public speaker from Denmark. With an average SpeakerScore of 85 from more than 120 talks, Ole has built a track record that helps him secure more speaking jobs.
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Because the SpeakerScore is a standard, it's possible for Ole to calculate his personal average score and track his improvement.

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