You can get easy and valuable feedback of your event with SpeakerScore.

Psychologist and speaker, Anders Colding, asked communication experts, conference organizers, public speakers, and other psychologists about what feedback they looked for. What basic questions would provide a 360-degree insight into the audience experience?

After testing numerous questions on a wide variety of audiences and talks, he arrived upon the 'Big 4' that you really need, to evaluate any talk or lecture:

  1. How well did the talk meet your expectations: Did you get what you came for?
  2. How interesting did you find the talk: Was it stimulating or boring to be in the room?
  3. How valuable was the talk: Did you learn something new and enriching?
  4. How well was the talk presented: Did you like the speakers charisma and style of communication?

By answering these questions on a scale from 0 to 100, the speaker receives a SpeakerScore that can be easily compared to other SpeakerScores – both the speakers own score as well as others.

So you do not have to make up your own questions or create your own evaluation in SurveyMonkey or Google Forms.

In addition to the SpeakerScore we also have 5 personality badges, that say's something about you as a public speaker: Funny, Teacher, Storyteller, Motivator and Expert.



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