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VIP Catalyst - Vision | Identity | Purpose

Helping YOU live a VIP life: Craft a Vision | Step into your Identity | Live with Purpose | Chief VIP Officer | Life Coach | Career Coach | Speaker

Chantelle Botha, affectionately known as "The Catalyst," is a well-known expert in identity-driven purpose, celebrated for her unique ability to instigate change among her clients. Recognized as a runner-up in the 2021 global Entrepreneur X-Factor competition and the PSASA 2023 Speaker Factor competition, Chantelle has earned her place as a leading voice.

With a global influence, she has delivered impactful speeches at prestigious events such as The Global Women Empowerment Conference and left an indelible mark through her engaging podcast and webinar appearances. Her reach extends across every continent, where she has guided individuals on a fearless journey to discover their own VIP Life by embracing Vision, Identity, and Purpose.

Chantelle's personal journey is as inspiring as her professional accolades. A twice-recovered drug addict, she singlehandedly raised her son, who is now an international Art Auctioneer. Her remarkable life experiences serve as a testament to her resilience and personal mastery, which she openly shares with her audiences.

In 2019, fuelled by a deep-seated desire to inspire people to live meaningful lives, Chantelle launched Dragonfly, her coaching and speaking business. Armed with a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks and over a decade of dedication to personal mastery, Chantelle invites others to join her on their personal VIP creation journey.

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Hi Chantelle, during Women in Tech Global Conference 2024 you were amazing. I really loved your tremendous energy and storytelling presentation skills. The way you motivated and filled us with optimism is awesome. I am grateful to have attended your session. Would be happy to connect with you. Thanks

Chantelle, I am a Director aspiring to be in the C-Suite and I did feel that a lot of information that you shared was very timely!

It was a very interesting talk for as I'm at the moment of my life that I feel I need a change. Maybe it will not be from Manager to Exec but still change is coming and your tips can be useful for every type of change.

Chantelle presented with a great charisma and with huge inspiration. Would love to invite her for inspirational speech to my women community :-)

Incredible job Chantelle! I am so thankful I was part of your session and have learned alot too. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. You truly radiate so much energy! Much blessings always! :)

Liked the positive energy and suggestions.

Very much appreciate the energy and clear roadmap to make the most of this presentation with both insights and tangible actions

Thank you Chantelle! You’re very inspiring! I learnt a lot and already it has made me reposition my view of myself.

Inspiring keynote

It was a brilliant and amazing talk, thank you so much!

It was an amazing session and I felt very inspired.
Thank you so much Chantelle

Your session was highly motivating and just feels so so enegised

Thank you for your input. A complex topic you easily bring down to bitesize, so I can chew off with lightness and thus apply immediately.

Thanks so much Mrs Chantelle Botha for this special webinar you offered to us!
I'm so grateful.Your energy, your motivation, your ideas really helped me in looking at what i need to change in my way of viewing myself.WAY=Who Are You? i'm still pondering over it.Thanks!

Really enjoyed today's session learning more about being positive and changing my feelings

Chantelle was amazing during her first speech, I learned to unclock my mind and body to new things which was what I needed. I wouldn't change anything.

It was a very productive session and I learnt a lot of valuable lessons.thank you

I loved her energetic personality and the info was well presented.

The speaker is well spoken and very motivational. Keep it up

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