How to make technical decisions?

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Nov 18, 2018 00:00 - 00:00(Europe/Copenhagen)
Organizer: Virtualization & DevOps Day, Virtualization & DevOps Day, Budapest

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Developer teams face the problem of making tons of technology choices at every phase of a project. The amount of new libraries, frameworks, and tools available today is outstanding. Most of us tend to use convenient technologies from our last assignment, typically where we have the most experience. But is it really the best choice? Aren’t we withholding ourselves from the opportunity to innovate? How to make a sound technology choice relatively fast? How do we involve the whole team in the process of decision making? In this talk, I’m going to drill down to every aspect of the decision-making process of technology choices. The audience will learn how to compare each technology in an objective manner. And I’ll offer some tips-and-tricks for involving all team members to leverage teamwork.

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