Elephant And The Rider Framework

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May 25, 2023 18:00 - 18:45(Europe/Berlin)
Organizer: Project Management Institute Germany, Virtual

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The Elephant and the Rider Change Framework is a metaphorical framework for understanding change management. The framework is based on the idea that change is often difficult because of the tension between our emotional (the "Elephant") and rational (the "Rider") minds. The Elephant represents our emotions, desires, and instincts, while the Rider represents our rationality, planning, and decision-making. Using the framework, project managers can focus on creating a compelling vision and motivating employees to embrace change (the Elephant), while also providing clear direction, planning, and support (the Rider). They can also work to identify potential barriers to change, such as resistance or lack of buy-in, and develop strategies for overcoming these barriers by engaging both the Elephant and the Rider. This framework provides project managers with a powerful and intuitive framework for understanding and managing change, and can help them to achieve more successful outcomes in their projects.

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