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Hamilton Wende is a distinguished freelance writer and television producer whose compelling narratives have left an indelible mark on the world of journalism and storytelling. Based in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, he has ventured far and wide, unearthing the untold stories that captivate our hearts and minds.

Wende's literary prowess has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as the Chicago Tribune, GQ, Maclean's Magazine in Canada, TravelAfrica, Christian Science Monitor, The Sunday Times, and Business Day. With his eloquent prose, he effortlessly brings to life the essence of his subjects, taking readers on journeys of discovery and empathy.

As a dedicated educator, Wende has shared his wealth of knowledge and experiences as a guest lecturer at prestigious institutions like Rhodes University, UCT, and Wits. His insights into the world of writing, journalism, and storytelling have undoubtedly inspired countless aspiring writers and journalists.

In addition to his written work, Hamilton Wende has made his presence felt in the world of broadcast media. He has graced the airwaves and television screens on programs spanning the globe, including appearances on MSNBC, SABC TV, AM Live, and Radio 702. His articulate commentary and profound analysis have made him a sought-after voice in the realm of journalism.

Wende's international footprint in television production is equally impressive, having contributed to the success of renowned networks such as CNN, Al Jazeera English, National Geographic, BBC, NBC, ABC (Australia), SBS (Australia), NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), and several others. His dedication to storytelling has transcended borders, bringing diverse perspectives to audiences worldwide.

Beyond his journalistic endeavors, Hamilton Wende is an accomplished author with a rich literary portfolio. His books, each a masterpiece in its own right, include:

"Red Air": A gripping war novel set in the tumultuous backdrop of Afghanistan during the NATO campaign. This narrative explores the complexities of fatherhood, the human condition, and the profound impact of war.

"Only The Dead": A thrilling tale of adventure, set in eastern Congo and Uganda, that follows the relentless pursuit of the enigmatic General Faustin to liberate his army of child soldiers known as the Claws of God.

"House of War": A captivating blend of love story and thriller, this novel embarks on a quest to recover the lost diaries of Alexander the Great in the treacherous terrains of northern Afghanistan, all while evading the clutches of Al Qaeda. It earned a long-listing for the Sunday Times Fiction Award in 2010.

"The King's Shilling": A poignant novel set against the backdrop of World War I in East Africa. Published by Jacana in April 2005, it found its place on bestseller lists in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, and was long-listed for the Sunday Times Fiction Award in 2006.

"Deadlines From the Edge: Images of War from Congo to Afghanistan": This gripping work is a compilation of stories from Hamilton Wende's daring journeys as a television news producer in different corners of Africa, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. It was published in 2003 by Penguin SA.

"True North; African Roads Less Travelled": A non-fiction masterpiece that provides a compelling account of his journalistic adventures in Africa, this book, published in 1995 by William Waterman in Johannesburg, was nominated for the prestigious 1995 Sunday Times Alan Paton Award.

Hamilton Wende's passion for storytelling, unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity, and ability to shed light on the human condition make him a luminary in the world of literature and broadcast media. His narratives are not just stories; they are profound reflections of our world, illuminating the hidden facets of humanity.


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