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I help sales professionals navigate an ever-changing business environment so that they can close more deals more consistently. I work best with clients who are struggling and failing to meet their sales targets.


I help sales professionals close more deals more consistently.


I’ve been a sales effectiveness consultant since 1998. In that time:

- As a outsourced sales manager I’ve led nine sales teams.
- As a keynote speaker and trainer I have presented at 1500+ conferences locally and internationally. Including Iran and Italy.
As a ghost-writer, I’ve penned and edited 33 books and 1000+ articles.


- If you want to close more deals more consistently.
- If you’re a sales leader, and you’re struggling to inspire your team to reach its sales targets.
- If you’re looking for an outsourced sales manager to set up proper sales systems and lead your team.
- If you need a keynote speaker for your sales kick-offs, annual sales meetings and conferences.


Sales workshops
Keynote speaking
Sales kick-offs
Sales conferences
Sales leadership
Social selling
Direct marketing sales letters

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Thank you Jacques I loved the angle and the guidance. You showed up big time. I’m glad God aligned us!

What truly struck a chord was the exploration of the positive vs. negative energy dynamic. His examples resonated deeply, prompting introspection and encouraging us to acknowledge the subtle ways our choices influence our state of being. The shift in focus from blaming external factors to taking responsibility for our internal energy was empowering.

I loved the theme, I am a big evangelist for positive energy, focus on what you can do and not complaining about what you can't change.
one bit I just loved, was the way Jacques said that you can't help someone who is not ready to be helped, you can just love and support them until they are ready.

Absolutely loved your talk Jacques! It was clear and motivating!!

Jacques presentation was heartfelt and sincere whilst also giving us practical sales tools. His willingness to openly share his real life experience and be vulnerable with his audience give him instant appeal and allow him to connect well. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and look forward to my next opportunity to see him speak

Dankie Jacques!
Jy het my frekwensie gelig! Baie dankie!

I always enjoy your talks. Your humor is just out of this world.
I love you Jacques 😍, keep inspiring us well ME

When Jacques came on, the room was a little quite as we just went through a wealth session, he immediately brought the room to life with a mixture of comedy and serious messages that one could ponder on.

I enjoyed Jacques session, one can see that he is not just an overnight speaker, he has been through the mills and that is what makes him great! His experience is commendable.

Mind blowing, the presentation and the person, would have love more time to have to chat and get to meet you. I really would attend another event or talk. Truly inspirational and motivating and most of all he is real in a world where this is so hard to find. Thank you!!! xoxo

As a speaker liaison for our chapter, I need to find experts who can deliver educational content that will fast track success for our members.

Jacques helped me deliver on that promise by guiding both novice and more seasoned speakers and users of LinkedIn to not only improve their profile, but to convert more connections into customers.

Besides the value he brought, his quirky humour had many of the audience in stitches with his outlandish comments like “You can’t bore your clients into buying.”

Our guests left with with an arsenal of tools, as well as a much needed dose of humour to boost in our next battle of building influence.

Thank you Jacques for showcasing insights from your own Linkedin and other speakers best practice and then for sharing strategies to convert those into phonecalls.

You always hold us accountable to do the work, to reach out and to get on the phone.

My favourite tip was speak to the buyers higher need. If it's getting them back on the golf course, sell to that need. Know your ideal audience. Review your invoices and see what products sells the best and zone in on that.

Focus on what makes you money, don't be skinny and starving selling something that doesn't sell.

Thanks great talk! Really useful!

Sheer brilliance!

Thanks greatly for the expert presentation which was quite inspiring

This session was packed with amazing and very useful information, delivered in a most engaging way. The speaker certainly knows what he talks about and, with hunour sprinkled throughout his delivery, made it a highly recommended talk. Thank you Jaques, I learned lots!

Hi Jacques,
Thank you for the helpful information that you passed onto us. I have already started making changes in my approach.
Thanks, Ondeane

Jacques, this was truly an eye opener and I want to thank you for the great experience. I would certainly like to keep in touch with you as I grow within myself in this awesome journey.

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Jul 13, 2023

Leverage LinkedIn To Get More Professional Speaking Engagements

In this talk, Jacques, philosopher turned rainmaker who has specialised in marketing and sales for the last 22 years will share with us how to Leverage LinkedIn To Get More Professional Speaking Engagements.

In this business building model talk, you will learn:

1. Go from 1st connection to contact (telephone call) in 30 days.

2. Get a 40% acceptance on your connection requests using a field-tested script.

3. Get every new 1st connection to sign up to your email database willingly using a lead magnet.

Leverage LinkedIn To Get More Professional Speaking Engagements