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Kim is a multi-talented South African author, speaker, trainer and bookstore
owner who has been helping authors, entrepreneurs and knowledge workers build their brands for over 20 years.

With a passion for bringing wisdom back into the art of storytelling, Kim has touched the hearts of many with her medieval fantasy series, while also empowering aspiring authors to turn their dreams into reality.

Kim's super power lies in using crushing events to transform not only herself but also the hearts and minds of others.

Tap into her wealth of knowledge and expertise in building successful book-preneur businesses. Whether you're an aspiring author, entrepreneur or brand manager,

Kim's insights and experience will help you create a strong foundation for achieving your goals.

Join the Kim Vermaak community today and let her guide you towards a brighter future.

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duration: 120 - 140 min
Location: South Africa

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Kim fully captivated my attention

Compelling. Moving. Galvanising.

Kim, time and again your combination of storytelling genius, expertise and motivation leave me grateful to be in your audience. The story you share in the presentation is so powerful, so personal and so riveting that it would have been a masterpiece in its own right. But the way you use it to motivate each listener to find their own story and create their legacy is a gift beyond price.

Well done Kim! Your way of telling the "story" had me glued! I was so drawn into the story, I could visualise it!

Well done Kim - nice intensity level, could hear you clearly from the back even though sound accoustics weren't good in the room. Strong start, powerful ending.

Well done, Kim. I was gripped throughout! It’s such a powerful story.

I could not take my eyes off you, I was so engaged! What an incredible story! Gave me a lot of food for thought and a call to action, that I too have a story to tell and share.

I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation style which was beautifully aligned to the touching story of the little red coat. Well Done! 👏

Kim is a masterful storyteller grabbing her audiences attention and imprinting on their hearts.

In the harrowing personal family story Kim marries a film and reality and draws you in to realise how you can get your clients to care about your message and sit on the edge of their seat. She showed us that we might never meet our audience or our readers, but its up to us to create those little red coat moments, that can shake their world.

Great talk - very precise and to the point. Loved Kim’s energy and how she kept the room engaged all the time. Seed vs Cement great

I thoroughly enjoyed Kim's presentation.
She used her personal experiences and stories to motivate and entertain her audience.
She kept her audience's attention with her captivating stories and thought-provoking slides.

Thank you for sharing your story and the beautiful illustration of the seed and cement. I enjoyed listening to you and found lots of valuable lessons and applications

Your proffesional, calm and confident manner of delivering your speech and sharing your knowledge is a great asset and contribute to flawless deliveries. The high quality and very unique and intersting powerPoint together with your delivery helps your audience connect, reflect and memorize your message. Thank you for a superbly delivery that resonates with your audience

The sound preparation and thoughtful support of everyone attending the talk really impressed me. This was a novel way (pun unintended, promise!) to approach writing from a business point of view. Kim's dedication to her craft and clients is remarkable, and it is always helpful to learn from her. Not only writers, but experts from every field can benefit from her talks and materials.

Thank you, I loved your delivery and message.
You are a true Rockstar

Well done. Short. To the point. Clear and informative - all out across with charisma and passion. Great talk. Lived it!!

Hi Kim,
Far too often we don't realise the importance of having a lead magnet in our businesses. It took me a while to realise this, it is a game changer for me.
Thanks for an amazing talk on the power of a lead magnet.
You have left me with a few things to think about like who am I? and what expertise do I bring to the world?

Great energy and more so getting the audience involved.

Thank you Kim for a relevant topic that is needed by us entrepreneurs. You are an inspiration.

Very insightful.

Thank you

World Class

Just brilliant message! Direct, precise, valuable. Thank you.

Kim I think your talk was awesome, my take away was with writing a book it is about making clients aware and getting the to buy consistently and have a strategy for that

Well done Kim. You really did yourself proud. It was an excellent and heartwarming session.

Kim, I loved your energy and the interactive exercises you did with the group. You grabbed everyone's attention and turned the focus on them instead of yourself. It was a wonderful session with quite a tough crowd of professional speakers well done.

Thank you so much for your inspiring talk. I didn't even notice the time pass, and that says a lot. The message was clear, the audience engaged and you came across as a confident, well-prepared speaker. Well done, you had me hooked.

A great talk with a very interesting activity. Would recommend it to people wanting to connect with their actual/potential audience

Great talk thank you!

Kim spoke beautifully about the power of storytelling and she lived her message in her charisma and eloquent grace. I think she has so much wisdom to offer both would be and established writers. She has been a great mentor to me and i think she is going to become a great voice for writers wanting to get their message into the world. I am so honoured our journeys intersected and i watch in awe to see how you continue to impact the world.

I loved the message about giving children power by allowing them to shape a narrative.

Very interesting and practical insights. Thank you so much.

Well done Kim, and thank you for the way you presented the session😊

I particularly enjoyed opening new streams of income

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Feb 22, 2024

Speaker Factor

Johannesburg Speaker Factor Competition

Speaker Factor


The Professional Speakers Assoc of Southern Africa

Aug 31, 2023

PSASA Pretoria Chapter Meeting

This Women’s month, we are pleased to announce an excellent line up of Women speakers.

**What to Expect:**

**Inspirational Speeches:** Various female speakers will be sharing nuggets of wisdom from their journey in the speaking, coaching, and facilitation world. Listen to the riveting tales and insights from leading women who have paved new pathways in these fields.
**Engaging Dialogues:** Dive into stimulating discussions and exchange ideas with experts. Challenge your thoughts, provoke your curiosity, and ignite your passion.
**Networking Opportunities:** Connect with a community of aspiring speakers, coaches, professionals, and enthusiasts. Build relationships that extend beyond the event.
**A Platform for All:** Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or an aspiring leader, this event offers something valuable for everyone. Every voice counts, every perspective matters.
**Why Attend?**

**Grow Professionally:** Learn directly from those who have succeeded in the industry.
**Connect Personally:** Forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.
**Be Inspired:** Leave with a newfound sense of purpose, vision, and motivation.
**Featured Speakers Include:**

Dikeledi Seleka: Business Performance Coach. Strategy Facilitator. Professional Speaker

Anja Van Beek: Agile talent strategist, leadership consultant, mentor and coach.

Taryn-lee Kearney: Human Connection Catalyst, TEDx speaker, Well-Being advocate, Multifaceted Facilitator and HR Consultant.

Zandile Njilo: Leadership conversationalist Expert, Coach, Mentor and Speaker.

Kim Vermaak: the Mindset Whisperer, is a South African author, speaker, coach and publisher.

“Wisdom and Connection” is not just a session; it’s an experience that transcends the ordinary. It’s a gathering that promises to touch minds and hearts, fostering an environment of growth, collaboration, and empowerment.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a movement that celebrates the strength, diversity, and wisdom of women in speaking, coaching, and beyond.

Seats are limited, and the interest is high! Reserve your spot today.

Come, be inspired, and take the next bold step in your journey.

PSASA Pretoria Chapter Meeting


The Professional Speakers Assoc of Southern Africa

Jul 10, 2023

Character Crafting 101: Breathing Life into Fiction and Non-Fiction

Are you an aspiring writer looking to captivate your readers and leave a lasting impression?

Look no further! Introducing our highly anticipated LinkedIn Live event: "Character Crafting 101: Breathing Life into Fiction and Non-Fiction." Unlock Your Writing Potential!"

Join us for a transformative 1-hour workshop where we will delve into the art of creating relatable characters that will engage and resonate with your fiction and non-fiction readers. In this immersive session, we will equip you with the skills and techniques to craft characters that will truly come alive on the page.

Why should you attend? Because characters are the heart and soul of any story, be it a thrilling novel or a compelling non-fiction work. In this event, you will gain invaluable insights on how to develop characters that your readers will connect with on a deep emotional level.
During this power-packed workshop, our expert instructors will guide you through a process of character creation and how you can use it for your next book project. You will learn how to:

Develop multi-dimensional characters that feel authentic and relatable.
Blend fiction and non-fiction elements to create impactful narratives.
Guests will get a downloadable character development template to enhance your writing journey long after the event concludes.

Secure your spot now, and let's unleash the power of relatable characters together.

Jun 22, 2023


In this mini workshop, Kim Vermaak shares how in a social selling economy must be looking at ways to find, attract and retain customers though providing them with content that speaks to their point of pain.



The Professional Speakers Assoc of Southern Africa

Jun 22, 2023

PSASA -10 ways to remain professional when your clients are driving you nuts

As speakers, trainers and coaches we are faced with the dilemma. Remain professional at all times, be the facilitator, the guide, the coach. We are always the Gandalf never the Frodo.

We get triggered by the dilemmas our clients are faced with, and often they can trigger you when they take their time in signing a deal or decide to ask for 4 quotes.

How can you build a growth mindset in your speaking practice, that will allow the flexibility of feedback and enhance relationships with your clients.

Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi Queen because of her ability to join, repair and transform teams into something quite wonderful
Her work is like Kintsugi, the Japanese art form that mends broken pottery with gold. Yoke works with teams that may have become disjointed, to reconnect and find their flow again. This approach helps leaders stay optimistic when they encounter flaws and missteps in their organisations leading them to the gold at the “end of the rainbow”.

As a qualified behavioural change coach with verifiable in-the-field-experience (2000 team members trained, 2300 + hours training, 450+ coaching hours) she’s eminently suited to uncover the real issues holding your team back.

Her hard-won experience (15 years) and tried and tested high-performance processes have seen even the most under-performing and fractured teams join together and become stronger and more remarkable.

She is the founder at Y-Connect a Professional member at PSASA and when she’s not speaking, training or coaching you can find her hiking up a mountain, having a glass of wine with her husband Etienne or jumping into a waterfall

PSASA -10 ways to remain professional when your clients are driving you nuts


Apr 18, 2023

Amplify Your Message And Expand Your Reach Through Books

Join us and explore the power of writing that transforms hearts and minds, and how you can use your own words to attract and build relationships with your readers. We'll cover practical strategies for reaching a wider audience and making a lasting impact through your writing.

JOIN US ON TUESDAY, 18-April at our next monthly community call @ 12 PM CET (Berlin time - ), and meet Kim Vermaak, the Mindset Whisperer. Member of PSASA and Champion Coach of Bookwriter Mastermind.

If you want to discover how Kim used the crippling effects of high level rolling blackouts in her country to leave a legacy for her family and impact the lives of others, then join us on Tuesday, 18-April for our HeartPowered Speaking community call.

During this live and interactive session, Kim will share her personal experiences on how to:

⭐️ Expand your reach through books and truly transform hearts & minds.
⭐️ Finding and attracting genre-specific readers
⭐️ Build a profound relationship with your readers

You want to know more about Kim upfront? Here you go…

Kim is a multi-talented South African author, speaker, trainer and bookstore owner who has been helping authors, entrepreneurs and knowledge workers build their brands for over 20 years. Kim's superpower lies in using crushing events to transform not only herself, but also the hearts and minds of others. By tapping into her wealth of knowledge and expertise, her clients, ranging from aspiring authors to entrepreneurs and brand managers, have been able to build successful book-preneur businesses.

Amplify Your Message And Expand Your Reach Through Books


Monique Blokzyl

Feb 16, 2023

Psasa Jo’burg Chapter Meeting- Transforming Hearts and Minds

A speaker has the ability to reach the heart of their audience. But how do you get your audience to take that lesson home and apply it?

Many of us have experienced the adrenalin of being in a conference that stirs our souls, but then we fall short on the implementation.

In this talk, Kim Vermaak, an award-winning entrepreneur and author, shares how two of South Africa’s major crises forever changed the way she looked at family and business. She shows you how, as a speaker, you can create a tool that continues to transform the hearts and minds of your audiences in their quiet moments, long after they have attended your talks. Kim teaches you how to build a legacy.

Psasa  Jo’burg Chapter Meeting- Transforming Hearts and Minds


The Professional Speakers Assoc of Southern Africa

Jan 23, 2023

How to transform from your “Bucket List” book idea into an income generating business.

So you have an idea for a book… But how do you launch in a way that will grow your readership internationally? In this session, author Kim Vermaak teaches some key principles all authors need to build an online asset that will keep on generating multiple streams of income.