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Data Storytelling Speaker + Workshop Facilitator

Lea Pica is a data analyst turned Data Storytelling Advocate and international speaker who teaches how to present data and inspire action to thousands of data and marketing practitioners around the world.

Her mission is to transform data meeting snoozefests into vehicles for change using the power of neuroscience, storytelling, emotion, and effective communication.

Lea is a seasoned data analytics practitioner and digital marketer with over 13 years of experience building search and analytics practices for agencies, publishers, and Fortune 500 brands. She hosts the industry-acclaimed Present Beyond Measure® Show podcast and is authoring her first data presentation book, Story-Driven Data.

She is a frequent headliner at global live and virtual conferences such as Digital Summit, MeasureSummit, ConversionXL Live, DigiMarCon, Marketing Analytics Summit, Virtual Analytics Summit, Digital Analytics Hub, DAA Symposia, and Web Analytics Wednesday.

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