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Nomvula Rakolote an Adjunct Prof with twenty four (24) years of work experience in various industries within the public and private sector.

Nomvula is the former CEO of the South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) and is currently the CEO of the Association of Construction Project Managers (ACPM). Her career highlight amongst others is her appointment as an Adjunct Professor in the Built Environment at the Central University of Technology. This is an esteem accolade recognising individuals who are regarded as an authority and embodiment of knowledge in the their field. Furthermore, she is a Certified Leadership and Performance Coach through the SA Leadership Academy.

Her experience in board administration, board induction and strategic overview and insight is as a result of her having worked in leadership capacities reporting to a board for over ten(10) years and being a board member of various organization both within the private and public sector over a period of fifteen (15)years. This has contributed to her proven track record in stakeholder engagement, strategy formulation and implementation within various industries.

Having been at the helm of various organisation successfully driving the strategic direction for seventeen (17) years of which thirteen (13) has been in the construction sector has equipped her with extensive knowledge and experience in corporate and business strategy.

The strides she has taken in her life are the consequence of vision and planning. Her flexibility is displayed by her ability to interact with individuals from a plethora of industries and from various strata of society. She has a gift of motivating not only herself, but her children and co-workers, which reflects her realistic outlook and forward-thinking attitude. She has proven to be an exemplary role model who is never satisfied with mediocrity. She is constantly ready to grasp and tackle new challenges, offering new and relevant solutions. She continues to strive to the best – and the best version of herself.

Various industries are in dire need for innovative, pragmatic ideas coming from dedicated and committed leadership to turn things around for the sake of the sustainability of the industries.’ - Nomvula Rakolote

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