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Tim Wagner transitioned from near burnt out corporate guy to
Breathwork Alchemist and International Professional Speaker.

Tim Wagner transitioned from near burnt out corporate guy to Breathwork Alchemist and International Professional Speaker.

With over 16 years speaking, hosting events, presentations and workshops as well as 36 years in business as an executive and business owner, Tim brings real life stories and examples to the stage and screen.

Tim developed his speaking skills through Toastmasters and is now an active member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.

Speaking on the innate power of your Breath to access inner strength and release trauma, anxiety and mental blocks in order to prevent burnout is his speciality.
Hosting in-person and virtual keynote addresses and workshops, Tim empowers both teams and individuals through changing the impact stress has on personal and business life to improve productivity, profitability, relationships and total wellbeing.

Speaking with enthusiasm, passion, and a tenacious energy, he inspires teams to reach new heights, dream bigger, and live a life by design and not by default.

He lives in a small seaside town in the Western Cape of South Africa with his Wife of 25 years. When he is not working you will find them taking long walks on the beach and traveling extensively with their 2 dogs.

Keynote and Workshop topics:

Beyond Corporate Burnout:
5 Steps to a More Harmonious Life.

From Burnout to Breakthrough:
My Journey of Discovery to Find Meaning in a Chaotic World

Your Mind Matters.
Understanding Mental Wellness at work.

Executive Stress Release.
Five steps to understanding stress for your teams total well being.

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duration: 60 - 180 min
Location: South Africa.

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Really enjoyed being a part of the session. Looking forward to seeing you soon, again.

Tim it was wonderful listening to you ,"Breath As A Life Force ",is one of the best things ,one needs to learn and understand.
thank you for the excellent session

Perfect topic for group of business owners for many reasons and one is that no matter culture, race, beliefs we need our gift of breath to release, harness and move us forward in all ways. Most important for us all to be reminded on how to use our breath properly. Tim nailed it! Great job!

Once more a professional and powerful workshop delivered by Tim and his guest speakers. Thank you.

It was a very productive session and I learnt a lot of valuable lessons.thank you

Everyone was great, super inspiring and shared authentic and unique perspectives I haven't heard before!

Hello Tim,
I love your enthusiasm and energy that you expose to us. One can see that you have a lot of knowledge and you walk your talk. It was also great to hear how you motivated yourself during the marathon while your feet was hurting so much.

Well done Tim

As always I love your teachings, you really helped me be a better version of myself over the last few months and Im so grateful that you were put on my journey. Keep up the good work.

Hello Tim,
I enjoyed your webinar your enthusiasm for what you do is shining through. Your knowledge on what you do it also superb. I am glad that I had the opportunity to be present. I wish you great succes in helping many more people as most people need to learn what you teach.

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