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I help teams to become collaborative, committed, and cohesive superstars for the organizations they serve.

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Yoke’s talk hit the spot for me in the right way at the right time, giving a simple progression of cumulative points, each with an emotional charge, and altogether inspiring me to the action that was hovering and waiting for my readiness. The ultimate praise for a talk is to go and implement the insights from it, which is what I am doing.

Yoke Van Dam is a consummate professional, on stage and off. She is also one of a kind, exuding warmth and care alongside her expertise.

In this impactful keynote, Yoke harnessed a story (technically a case study) to make game-changing marketing and sales principles tangible and memorable. What really struck me in this session is the way she demonstrated how we can negotiate to create an all-round win that rewrites the rules of the game.

It has been said that a great speech transforms your audience. In this session, Yoke has certainly transformed my approach to marketing and sales. I recommend her without reservation.

Dankie Yoke
Mens kan so gou in n rat val.
Ek nou juis besig met n Winter Challenge met my bootcamp groep, en dink nou sommer vars daaroor.
Kan ook terug gaan na Granaat Roes waar ek werk, en kliente met nuwe oë benader

Baie dankie, dit was baie interessant en sal definitief in my besigheid dit kan toepas

Thank you for the tips on the types of buyers to target.

It was engaging. I actually wanted to listen more!!

Baie dankie

Great presentation and thank you again for the engaging session

Thanks again Yoke for the valuable suggestions and overview of the tools out there at our disposal!

I just love your work!

Such a pleasure learning from you, Yoke. Your tireless perseverance and yen for excellence is an inspiration. (And a fire under my rear.) Bravo and thank you.

Your prepared speech was well thought out and expertly delivered, Yoke van Dam Your use of story and analogy worked very well. Your fire story is a powerful metaphor for a speech. Lucky audience that books you.

Thank you for your wise and measured contributions and of your course your energy.

"I got a lesson for my business from your presentation. No wonder you are a leadership expert. You can find a lesson for business leaders in a story that would make the average person book in for trauma counselling. "

I really enjoyed the visual way you presented the reverse engineering of goals. Your actual experience way very insightful and authentic- I really enjoyed hearing practical ways you used to achieve your goals

I am a first-time listener and so enjoyed the topic. The material presented was clear and got me thinking. I felt motivated - thank you.

I found this session extremely helpful. You plotted out a course of action for a big goal of mine in a simple way. That saved me a massive amount of work. The tools helped me to produce a process I can teach to my clients.

Yoke had a very interesting sense of humour and presented her talk in a way that was easily digestible but very layered and informative!!

Hi Yoke
Trust all is well

Your presence is radical and so informative. You truly inspired a shift in my thinking.
Thank you 😊


Enough it much more that I expected. Both me and my husband got different lessons out of it and incurrence both of us to go for what we are worth

Thank you for a great event, Yoke van Dam really shared valuable insights.

You will never know the day and time someone will discover you, take risks, be a rookie get out of your comfort zone.

Not everyone will buy into you ideas and thats okay. Keep on doing what you love, believe in your dreams, your vision, your voice.

Empathy is a choice
Empathy stay out of judgment
Empathy is feeling what people feel

Make you're story, your voice, you message stick

Yoke, I am in absolute awe of your work ethic. Your preparation for the talk was obvious in the material. Your communication before the event was comprehensive. You "showed up and stepped up" even with an injured foot, and then you delivered your talk with purpose, passion and poise. If that wasn't enough, you followed up with a personal WhatsApp message and then an email summary of the lessons that you shared with us. You are a consumate professional. I applaud you 👏

Thank you for sharing tips on how to notice our triggers and manage them.

This message was clear and straight to the put. I love how the speaker used her own personal stories and books that are familiar to make a strong put . This is the kind of talks we need to help us in our Professional journey.

Dear Yoke, you have helped me to remove a yoke from my mind on how to react when clients are uncooperative. Thank you very much. It is important to be sturdy even in storms. Warm regards, Tumi Pitsie

You are indeed a story teller and a teacher while you do it with so much fun and invigorating energy.

As a consultant to authors and business owners, I have to pitch up in a positive state regardless of what is happening in my personal life or that of my clients. Yoke shared some practical and simple techniques to manage my state in any situation. Thank you so much.

Excellent, thank you. Very practical tips to make one's presentation professional and to achieve what one set out to achieve

Thank you Yoke was interesting and certainly much food for thought provided. Loved the Story telling aspect of what you shared as it makes it real and definitely more doable. Keep the good work up.

Thank you for an interesting and informative talk

Your slide matched every point you elaborated on, the content was inspirational persuasive and motivating.

Thank you Yoke, I enjoyed every minute of your presentation. I learned so much from you and will put into practise the value of EQ.

Thank you Yoke for a wonderful presentation! You apply all that you teach and connect well with the audience. Thank you for your enthusiasm and professionalism! I would love to attend one of your presentation workshops!

I was really impressed and enlightened

You're amazing. Looking forward to working with you

Thank you Yoke
Gave a lot of food for thought along with great examples as to how to get the results one wants.
Had us hanging on your every word :)

I thoroughly enjoyed your talk. You are a very good motivational speaker.

Thank you Yoke for spending the morning with us. We really enjoyed your talk and the way you animated it made it easier for us to visualize our role in these kinds of situations - Shark or Dolphin :). Thank you again

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Jun 29, 2023

Pitch in a way that Michael Jordan would say yes

Strategic selling tips for speakers, trainers and coaches by Yoke van Dam

Do you get overwhelmed when you are pitching against competitors for a speaking or training gig?
Do you want to run away the moment others step into the ring?
If you are a speaker, trainer or coach you are probably excellent at your craft. You’ve spent your 10 000 hours in developing stage presence, finding your voice and developing excellent content of value.

Why do we cringe when we hear the word: “new business development” or sales?

When Nike was losing money in the 80’s something urgently had to be done. And a Business developer, Sonny Vaccaro employed serious strategies to win a big brand ambassador for Nike (Michael Jordan).

Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi Queen because of her ability to join, repair and transform teams into something quite wonderful.
Her work is like Kintsugi, the Japanese art form that mends broken pottery with gold.. Her tried and tested high-performance processes have seen even the most under-performing and fractured teams join together and become stronger and more remarkable.
• She works with leaders who want to effectively articulate and communicate their vision so that their teams buy into it, and are prepared to follow them to hell and back to make sure that vision is achieved.
• She also works with new, untested leaders who need a strong foundational roadmap of how to work with and lead teams to successful outcomes.
She has recently returned back from running a 3 day Exco workshop on Women in leadership in Dubai.
If she is not advising, speaking or coaching in South Africa, you can also find her doing work abroad online or in person hiking up a mountain, or having a glass of wine with her husband Etienne.

Pitch in a way that Michael Jordan would say yes



Jun 22, 2023

PSASA -10 ways to remain professional when your clients are driving you nuts

As speakers, trainers and coaches we are faced with the dilemma. Remain professional at all times, be the facilitator, the guide, the coach. We are always the Gandalf never the Frodo.

We get triggered by the dilemmas our clients are faced with, and often they can trigger you when they take their time in signing a deal or decide to ask for 4 quotes.

How can you build a growth mindset in your speaking practice, that will allow the flexibility of feedback and enhance relationships with your clients.

Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi Queen because of her ability to join, repair and transform teams into something quite wonderful
Her work is like Kintsugi, the Japanese art form that mends broken pottery with gold. Yoke works with teams that may have become disjointed, to reconnect and find their flow again. This approach helps leaders stay optimistic when they encounter flaws and missteps in their organisations leading them to the gold at the “end of the rainbow”.

As a qualified behavioural change coach with verifiable in-the-field-experience (2000 team members trained, 2300 + hours training, 450+ coaching hours) she’s eminently suited to uncover the real issues holding your team back.

Her hard-won experience (15 years) and tried and tested high-performance processes have seen even the most under-performing and fractured teams join together and become stronger and more remarkable.

She is the founder at Y-Connect a Professional member at PSASA and when she’s not speaking, training or coaching you can find her hiking up a mountain, having a glass of wine with her husband Etienne or jumping into a waterfall

PSASA -10 ways to remain professional when your clients are driving you nuts