Why should you use SpeakerScore?

  1. How well did the talk meet your expectations: Did you get what you came for?

  2. How interesting did you find the talk: Was it stimulating or boring to be in the room?

  3. How valuable was the talk: Did you learn something new and enriching?

  4. How well was the talk presented: Did you like the speakers charisma and style of communication?


The score changes color depending on how high your total is. With a score of 0-59 you will get a red score. A score of 60-89 is orange. And the scores from 90-100 are green.

See your scores
See your scores
See your scores


What is your personality as a speaker? Find out with badges from your audience.

Really funny
True expert
Strong motivator
Excellent teacher

How it works

Before your talk

1. Before your talk

Create your talk – it is easy and hassel-free. Then find your 4 digit shortcode on the Feedback tab.

During your talk

2. During your talk

Share the 4 digit shortcode with your audience and encourage them to go to speakerscore.it to rate you. You can use our PowerPoint template for easy audience communication.

After your talk

3. After your talk

View ratings, comments, photos and your SpeakerScore. Share your score and badges on your website or on social media to promote yourself as a speaker.

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