PSASA -10 ways to remain professional when your clients are driving you nuts

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Jun 22, 2023 18:30 - 20:30(Africa/Juba)
Organizer:, Fotoza: SHOP 101B, LEVEL 1, ROSEBANK MALL, 50 BATH AVENUE, JHB Fotoza: Shop 101B, Level 1, Rosebank Mall

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Number of participants: 35

As speakers, trainers and coaches we are faced with the dilemma. Remain professional at all times, be the facilitator, the guide, the coach. We are always the Gandalf never the Frodo.

We get triggered by the dilemmas our clients are faced with, and often they can trigger you when they take their time in signing a deal or decide to ask for 4 quotes.

How can you build a growth mindset in your speaking practice, that will allow the flexibility of feedback and enhance relationships with your clients.

Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi Queen because of her ability to join, repair and transform teams into something quite wonderful
Her work is like Kintsugi, the Japanese art form that mends broken pottery with gold. Yoke works with teams that may have become disjointed, to reconnect and find their flow again. This approach helps leaders stay optimistic when they encounter flaws and missteps in their organisations leading them to the gold at the “end of the rainbow”.

As a qualified behavioural change coach with verifiable in-the-field-experience (2000 team members trained, 2300 + hours training, 450+ coaching hours) she’s eminently suited to uncover the real issues holding your team back.

Her hard-won experience (15 years) and tried and tested high-performance processes have seen even the most under-performing and fractured teams join together and become stronger and more remarkable.

She is the founder at Y-Connect a Professional member at PSASA and when she’s not speaking, training or coaching you can find her hiking up a mountain, having a glass of wine with her husband Etienne or jumping into a waterfall

Excerpt from previous event

Why is EQ not only self-awareness for you but also calming those down in your environment? Why should you care about it?

Yoke van Dam, the Professional speaker, recently spoke at PSASA Johannesburg on 10 ways to remain calm when your audience is driving you nuts.

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